Let’s win this war, one vaccine at a time.

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About Us

VaxAll Healthcare Foundation was started by a group of citizen volunteers on April 27, 2021 The group has taken on the task of vaccinating the underprivileged and others who have been struggling to get vaccinated. We are based in Pune and can only provide assistance here. This initiative is independent of any political, religious, NGO or corporate affiliations. We are funded by individuals who believe this is the time to come together as a community and do what is necessary to overcome the pandemic.

The impetus behind VaxAll began with the realization that even a literate, English-speaking driver struggled to register on the CoWin Website. He gave up and when asked if he had registered said what people typically say under such circumstances – “I’ll do it tomorrow.” What started off as an effort to get domestic help and other staff of a single building vaccinated, expanded into a larger initiative that covers several buildings and small businesses around Pune.

While vaccinating everyone will get us to the other side of this scourge, it is important that until at least 50% of our population is vaccinated, we continue to protect ourselves by wearing masks, washing our hands frequently and maintaining social distance.

Our Mission

To ensure vaccinations for all - for those who are unable to access, for
those who are unaware and for those who don’t believe in them.

Our Approach

  • To fully fund vaccines but leverage local hospitals and primary care centers to pre-register and administer the vaccines
  • To identify and develop a database of people who need to get vaccinated, segmented by age, by vaccine stage (first or second), by vaccine type (Covaxin or CoviShield) and to prioritize based on need, exposure and availability
  • To continually create awareness of the benefits of vaccination in the communities around us
  • To encourage building societies to not only insist on vaccinations for residents and staff but also the families of staff and all peripheral connections. Covid can only be stopped if EVERYONE is vaccinated

The Details

There has been an overwhelming response from people wanting to get vaccinated, from people wanting to help others get vaccinated and from people volunteering to get the movement spread outside Pune.

The VaxAll Healthcare is young. It is evolving and it is entirely dependent on the availability of vaccines. Based on requests we have received so far, we have identified three categories of registrants. The second and third may not be needed once vaccines are readily available.

VaxAll Healthcare Foundation

This is our highest priority group of the underprivileged. This offers easy access, help with pre-registration at hospitals and free vaccines – we coordinate the logistics and ensure that everyone on the list gets a shot.

Download TheVaxAllInitiative

VaxAll Healthcare Foundation Plus

This group comprises citizens who can afford to pay for the vaccine but struggle to get access. We help with facilitation of the vaccines at select private hospitals. However, these vaccines aren’t free and have to be paid for. The payment will vary from hospital to hospital and the payment has to be made directly to the hospital. We coordinate the logistics.

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VaxAll Healthcare Foundation Corporate

This group is made up of companies that wish to leverage our assistance to get them access to vaccines at scale for their employees where the employing entity is willing to pay for their employees’ vaccinations. We facilitate meetings with select hospitals. All payments are made directly to the hospital by the employers. Logistics to be managed by the employers.

Download TheVaxAllInitiativeCorporate

Please download the spreadsheet that applies to you.

Fill out the above form and email it to us at info@vaxall.org and a volunteer will reach out to you.

Please be patient as this is a completely volunteer run organization with
limited resources. We will be sure to respond.