The Covid Vaccination program in India is a topic many want to dodge, some want to embrace and most want to support in any way they can.

The program suffers from:

  • Misinformation – vaccines will make minorities sterile; vaccines should be used to stop deaths and not the pandemic – give them only to the ones most at risk of dying; vaccines gave you Covid and more
  • Misdirection – at every level. No clear plan is available, no thought given to how 1.4 billion people can be vaccinated as quickly as possible to avoid another, perhaps more vicious wave
  • Shortages – at private hospitals, at government community centers; of CoviShield or Covaxin; of manufacturing capacity to meet demand
  • Arbitrary Rules – walk-ins permitted/not-permitted, first dose/second dose only, time frame between doses increased steadily over a period of time
  • CoWin Issues– APIs that detect when appointments are uploaded, all-nighters to catch uploads, hundreds of appointments blocked within seconds
  • Pricing and GST – confusing, unplanned, decisions still pending

Despite all these issues and more, VaxAll Healthcare Foundation keeps going, steadfast in its mission and consistent in its efforts. We slow down and pick up the pace, start and stop, run forward and race back to course correct – but we keep going.

We have had many people ask if they can pitch in, help out, make a contribution despite all current and most certainly forthcoming hiccups. To them, we say – you can, and you must.

To facilitate contributions and to leverage the work that is already being done, we have collaborated with GT Foundation, a ten year old organization based in Mangalore with a focus on healthcare, among other things. This foundation is run by Vidya Ravichandran and her husband, Vikram Chadha. We have been associated with Vidya and Vikram for over twenty five years and have watched them create and grow their business to great success.

All funds contributed to VaxAll Healthcare Foundation through GT Foundation will be used to pay hospitals for the purchase and administration of Covid Vaccines.

To make a contribution please email us at
To learn more about the GT Foundation, please go to

The VaxAll Founding Team:
Raj Hajela, Rati Forbes, Aparna Thakurdas, Neesha Pandya Patel, Indraneel Mujgule,
Kavita Tonsey, Rajesh Ovalekar, Priya Hajela

The VaxAll Student Support Team:
Neel Thakurdas, Karan Patel, Ananya Saigal, Siddharth Mundra

The GlowTouch (GT Foundation) Team:
Vidya Ravichandran and Vikram Chadha

Our Donors:
Raj Hajela, Rati Forbes, Nyati Builders Pvt Ltd, Subodh Sathe, Gautam Chander Dembla, Ms Delshad Karanjia, Ganesh Raut, Neesha Patel, D D Enterprises, Sonia Pritam Pal Singh, Dr Nina Mansukhani, Vanita Sanjay Naraindas, NICTARLI PARLOUR, THE GAZELLE.